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Of Interest: What's Coming in 2004

The first "Top Ten 2004 Business Trends" list has just come out and it's pretty cool. But a lot of it you already know... so, what's new in 2004? In my article at www.techtransform.com, you get to find out the rest of the story.

You'll also read about my eight-month engagement at Panda Software, which I just wrapped up with some nice words from the management. These guys are outstanding - they really deserve the success they'll get in 2004 in this market.

At the core of our success was a classic Gemini campaign. The word means doubles or twins, and in loyalty marketing it's about appealing to business buyers at a personal level. For instance, Frequent Flyer programs.

In our case, we made friends with the IT Managers who are the core buyers of anti-virus software. The overall theme was The Panda Challenge, and it helped to double the revenue range of the US subsidiary during the summer. Not too bad! I think we'll see a case study out of this one...

The technology market is doing great but it is highly competitive. I'd love to help you develop and execute your revenue growth campaign. It's not just about marketing. Drop me a line!

And may the coming year bring continued happiness and success to you and yours.


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